First steps to prepare your trip

How are we in health?

Before traveling, of course, we must have the authorization of our family doctor.

If necessary, fill out a form called MEDIF if the airline requests it.

Let us clarify that we must differentiate in this case between illness and disability:

People with disabilities of any kind DO NOT NEED ANY AUTHORIZATION TO TRAVEL,

The form is requested from those who suffer from an illness, where the flight may cause some type of disorder.

It is so that the airline is informed of the possible health needs of the passenger.

Example online form

What IS MANDATORY , is to inform the airline (at least 48 hours before the flight) of special needs and requests: wheelchair for transfer, oxygen, space on board for health equipment, special diets, etc.


It is preferable to report well before, I would recommend a minimum of 7 days!

This will serve to have everything well-oiled between the airport and the airline, and to make all procedures more comfortable and faster.

accesible Ramps (Jet Bridge)

In the case of travelers with reduced mobility, it is important to verify that the departure, arrival and connection airports have access ramps to the plane, mobile lifts or even special electric chairs for stair climbs.

​Verifying this is an obligation of the airline, which is obliged to ensure that the airport facilities and services they have are accessible.

Each airline has its requirements and restrictions. It is important to know them promptly so as not to have surprises and avoid mistakes by the staff at the airport or on the flight.

Cada línea aérea tiene sus requisitos y restricciones. Es importante conocerlas puntualmente para no tener sorpresas y evitar errores del personal en el aeropuerto o en el vuelo.

Traveling with a wheelchair

Some airlines allow manual wheelchairs to be taken on board depending on their size. In this case, you can ascend directly in your chair and the staff will store it on board without having to check it in.


Electric or larger volume chairs (and in some companies, all chairs) must go in the warehouse. The electric ones must have the so-called dry batteries. In no case do chairs count as additional baggage and their transportation is free.

In case you have to send your wheelchair with your luggage, you will have to ask the airline for the service to take you to the door of the plane. This request must be made with a minimum of 48 hours. of anticipation.

How to board with the chair

The airline will make us board with priority before the rest of the passengers in order to carry out the entire transfer operation to a narrower seat to enter the plane more comfortably.

This operation is quite simple and the personnel on board were specially trained to carry it out.

A video is worth a thousand words…

Accesible Lavatory on board

Not all planes have lavatories accessible for people with reduced mobility.


Check with the airline which flights these planes have available. New aircraft, especially large ones, already have at least 1 accessible bathroom.

Currently all aircraft must carry a wheelchair on board to move the passenger through the narrow corridors. Likewise, transferring the seat to the sink can be cumbersome.

Plan other options like using adult diapers. But be careful… It is not not to drink or eat anything during the trip!!!! You have to stay healthy and hydrated.

In these cases the connections in an intermediate airport can be very well used!


For  people with reduced vision,  the same accessible lavatories have indications in Braille.

In the event that the plane only has common lavatories, the problem would not be serious since with the help of a family member or the personnel on board any difficulty could be solved.

Some  people with cognitive difficulties  need assistance to use the sink.

In this case, the accessible ones are ideal due to their additional space that will allow us to enter the bathroom together. In normal sinks it will get a bit complicated but we can also help them.


Changing Place / Accesible Toilet

Changing Place / Changing Toilet


In many recently renovated airports, these accessible toilets began to be implemented, which include a stretcher, lifting pulley system and other necessary accessories for people with more severe motor disabilities and to be able to sanitize and refresh more easily.

We can find them at the airport in the USA, but in most of Latin America we will have to wait a little longer for us to reach this degree of inclusion.