Vacation! Good thing we're wearing streach pants...

General recommendations

Prepare your holidays in advance

Use social networks and the web to find information about your possible lodgings, the proximity of supermarkets and specialized stores, and restaurants with special menus. Even if there are places that you are interested in visiting and you do not have information, you can communicate directly. A good day-to-day organization will allow us to eat rich and healthy without wasting time checking where we can eat on the run on vacation.

The Trip

Special diets are contemplated in most of the transports that offer meals on board (Same to confirm with each company)  

Although regional, short-term trips or that only offer paid snacks, generally do not include such options.

It is advisable to call 48 hours before the trip to check that your order is confirmed. Reconfirm when checking-in at the counter.

When we are already installed in your seat, we will notify the staff that we have a special menu; in this way we will make sure that when they pass by with the food carts, they already have our special menu. In general, it is always served first.

The Lunch Box!

Always carry with you (during the trip and all vacations) some food option suitable for our diet. If the trip or the meal is delayed, or the planned menu had some inconvenience, it is good to have something at least to snack on and not starve.

Where to Stay?

An excellent option (the more restrictive the diets are) is to stay in a hotel, apart-hotel or apartment WITH A FULL KITCHEN. This will give them great freedom to be able to prepare their own dishes, to eat there or prepare snacks to eat out.

Also know if the chosen hotel has a restaurant that has special menus . As a consumer, prioritize when choosing those that offer you the greatest number of services that make your trip easier and pleasant.

Eating in the parks

Despite the wide variety of restaurants with complete menus in Orlando, it is not always easy to find appropriate meals or those prepared with the necessary care to eat rich, healthy and according to our selection.

Fortunately there are many options both in parks and around Orlando and we will just have to take a little more time to organize our meal plan.

In all cases and according to each company (Disney, Universal, SeaWorld) the procedure is similar, contact the parks service to coordinate the menu.

Parks and hotels in Disney World

Disney World’s online reservation system allows us to report some of the most common allergenic food options (including gluten) there directly.


Once in the restaurant, the staff will already be aware of your special needs and will indicate the available menu options.

In the case of buffet restaurants, they will indicate dish by dish which are the foods that can be served at will.

*It never hurts to remind the receptionist and the waiter of our special request.

In the case of fast food restaurants, it is necessary to inform our need at the checkout and the manager will inform us what options are available and will take our special request.

For other allergies, Kosher, Halal meals, some special request or simply for a better selection of the menu more to your liking, it is advisable to communicate in advance of your trip (14 days before minimum).

Inform your needs, the data of the restaurant reservations made and even a list of the fast food restaurants you plan to visit.


The Disney assistance service will contact you to jointly coordinate the menu for each meal.

001 (407) 939-3463

Parks and hotels in Universal Orlando

In the Universal and Citiwlak parks there are no online options and all requests are made by phone or by email.


For Kosher meals there are special menus at a fixed price of usd 32 per meal. They must be requested 72 hours in advance.

The restaurants that offer them in the 3 parks:

Universal Studios: Lombard’s Seafood Grille™ and Finnegan’s Bar & Grill™

Island of Adventure: Confisco Grille™ and Mythos Restaurant™;

Volcano Bay: Kohola Reef Restaurant & Social Club™ and Bambu Bay.

001 (407) 224-3463

SeaWorld & Busch Garden Parks

In the SeaWorld / Busch Garden parks you must inform when entering the restaurant.


All restaurants are prepared to handle «allergen-friendly» food, but they especially recommend some specialized in the treatment of allergies.

SeaWorld Orlando: Shark Underwater Grill.

Busch Garden Tampa: Zambia Smokehouse, Dragon Fire Grill & Pub, and Serengeti Overlook Restaurant.

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