Where to sleep comfortable and safe like at home

Depending on the type of disability, it is important that where we stay meets certain requirements that allow us to have a pleasant stay without setbacks.

All tourist accommodation in the USA have accessible rooms according to ADA (American with Disabilities Act) standards.

Depending on the hotel categories, there are accessible rooms prepared for wheelchairs (with wider doors and spaces), equipped with telephones and alarms for people with hearing disabilities, marked with Braille signage, and even some hypoallergenic options.

Always with the possibility of obtaining interconnected rooms for the rest of the family.

The availability of these rooms is limited and it is important to make reservations well in advance, detailing your special needs to the hotel.

Additional for visual impairment

There are rooms specially designed for  guests with visual difficulties .  In general, they can have access and arrangement of furniture that gives more space and other additional services. 

  • Posters and signage inside and outside the room in braille.
  • Bathroom amenities with embossed and Braille stickers.
  • Location indicator labels for each item (hair dryer, iron, TV) in braille
  • Menus, programming and other documentation in braille.

Additional for hearing impaired

The special rooms for people with hearing difficulties have some additional items:


  • Door bell with increased volume and light signal.
  • Fire alarm with strobe light.
  • Desk phone with TTY teletype keyboard and light call signal.
  • Alarm clock with vibrating alarm for bed.
  • Television with subtitles – Closed Captioning CC (yes, in English).

Some of these elements are becoming obsolete, making it more comfortable to use our own mobile phones, which will surely be perfectly adapted in terms of volume and vibration and with specialized apps already installed.

Inside or outside the Parks?

One of the classic doubts when traveling to Orlando is the convenience for comfort and/or economy of staying within Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando or outside in the surroundings.

On this adventure, with one or more members of the group with additional needs, it is important to prioritize comfort and especially the ease of getting around to the different parks and attractions.

Without a doubt, with this in mind, staying at Walt Disney World is the best option.

Aside from its accessible rooms, Waltt Disney World’s internal transportation service is impeccable.

All buses, monorails, ferries and even the boats are accessible with wheelchairs and always with priority boarding and disembarkation for guests with disabilities.

Including the service of MEARS and other companies (to and from the airport) that is fully accessible

In 2nd place  (only for having fewer parks), Universal Orlando also has accessible buses to go to the Citywalk, and from there to the main parks

There are direct buses to the entrance of the Volcano Bay water park.

If the budget allows it, Universal Deluxe hotels add transportation by boat. These boats are accessible and the great advantage is that they will leave us much closer to the entrance of the amusement parks.

What would be ideal?

We divided the stay in two.
Some days at Disney, others at Universal!

Restaurants and cafeterias with special menus

When selecting your accommodation, consider your special dietary needs.


  • That the hotel has a restaurant with menus suitable for your dietary needs. Even menus for religious options such as Kosher and Halal.
  • If the lodging includes breakfast, that it has the same healthy options.
  • Prioritize rooms or suites with a kitchen (or at least a mini-fridge and microwave), so you can prepare your own safe food.
  • Investigate the surroundings, to see what nearby options of supermarkets, stores and restaurants have that meet your needs.

Accessible pools and beaches

Some hotels have swimming pools and whirlpools accessible for people in wheelchairs, especially the hotels inside the parks, those of large hotel chains.


Depending on the selected resort, they will offer everything from plastic wheelchairs suitable for water , to pulley systems for entering the pool .

The new pools include » Zero Entry » entries so that they can simply roll into the water.

Florida has many beautiful beach options close to Orlando and Miami, if it is a beach hotel, be prepared with ramps and special sectors for easy access, as well as amphibious chairs for the sea.