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Arterial hypertension is one of the main risk factors in the world.

It is a disease that does not usually give symptoms, which is why we often play «fools», we do not follow a good diet and we abandon drug treatment.

During the holidays, especially in summer, we promote our Nonsense!!!  And therapeutic non-compliance increases by 20%.

Travel by plane without contraindications

Cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension, do not contraindicate the trip if they are controlled , however it must be taken into account that patients with uncontrolled coronary diseases, such as unstable angina or recent myocardial infarction may experience problems due to the stress of the trip, the luggage overload or climate changes, so you should always have the individualized advice of your doctor.

Economy Class Syndrome

This syndrome occurs when you remain immobile in a small place and with limited movement for a long period of time. It can occur in any means of transport, but it is more common in the plane due to the decrease in pressure and the low humidity of the environment. Some tips to prevent it:


  • Choose the seats in the aisle, since they allow us greater mobility,
  • Get up at least once an hour and walk a little,
  • Do contraction and stretch exercises with the feet, legs, hands and neck and avoid crossing the legs,
  • Do not wear tight clothing
  • Avoid the consumption of coffee, tea and alcohol, as well as increase the amount of water.
  • People with high risk are recommended to use compression stockings,
  •  take an aspirin before, during and after the trip.

Take the Blood Pressure Monitor with you on vacation

Take the tensiometer to know our blood pressure levels. Check at least once a week, the more times the better.


There are several types of electronic and portable blood pressure monitors, for the arm, for the wrist, and even for the finger (less accurate).

Be careful with food and alcohol abuse

Identical recommendations for people with hypertension and kidney failure

Yes, here we are not going to list how to do your diet well either, but keep in mind that a poor diet together with other factors such as alcohol abuse, tobacco or a sedentary lifestyle causes uncontrolled blood pressure and its measurements can become irregular and go In the clouds.
vacations cannot be an excuse to abandon a balanced diet,
So every day those fried squids with a lot of salt and beer would not be highly recommended…

AND DROP THAT SALT SHAKER!  Google (Android 10)

Attention to heat and dehydration

Heat and consequent dehydration increase the risk of high blood pressure.


Drink at least 2 liters a day and more if you do significant physical activity, even if you are not thirsty! (with age and neuropathies the thirst reflex is inhibited)

For hypertensives, isotonic drinks are NOT RECOMMENDED , they have high values ​​of sodium and potassium that we should not consume in excess.

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