Orlando parks welcome us

If we came to Orlando it is simply for its amusement parks. Fortunately they are prepared to receive us as VIP visitors. From special attention and priority for attractions, access prepared for people in wheelchairs, state-of-the-art technology available to people with hearing or visual problems. ORLANDO parks welcomes you with open arms!!!

And not only the amusement parks, its water parks are also prepared so that regardless of our difficulties we can enjoy them.

Obviously, due to technical problems, not all the attractions are available, but the vast majority are. The greatest difficulty will be found by people in wheelchairs. Others will be able to enjoy almost all the attractions and shows.

It is also important to be aware of our health limitations. It is not a matter of being crazy and climbing 3 times in a row on Space Mountain!!! (Attraction accessible but with transfer from wheelchair to cart).

Preferential Access to Attractions and Shows

Do you mean we go straight in without waiting? 

NO, we must wait for the time indicated by the wait time clocks (Wait Time). But the advantage is that we do not need to physically queue at the attraction and we can wait calmly and relaxed walking through the rest of the park, even queuing normally at another attraction with less waiting time.

Likewise, the Cast members are always very friendly and in general the waiting time they detail to return to the attraction is less than the waiting time signs.


Can my relatives enter with me with this system?

YES, all the people in your family group who accompany you enter with you. to attraction. The maximum allowed is 6 visitors.

‼ IMPORTANT  The person holding the pass must ALWAYS enter the attraction, the rest of the family group cannot enter without their company.


Is this service compatible with Disney Genie +?

YES , and it is highly recommended to organize the entire stay taking into account our reserved Lightning Lanes and the DAS System (Disability Access Service) . With a good organization we will enjoy all the attractions even in high season.


How do I enter the attraction?

You or anyone in your group introduce yourself to the attraction entrance staff and present them with the paper/brochure you were given at Guest Services (or the Magic Band if you are a Disney guest)


If I stay inside the hotels of the parks, do I have any extra benefits?

If you stay at Universal Orlando Deluxe hotels the » SKIP the Regular Line Unlimited »   service is included , which gives you unlimited access to all attractions without queuing. This option can also be purchased separately if you stays elsewhere.

If the budget allows it, it is undoubtedly an excellent option, especially in mid/high season.

Regardless of the category of your Disney World hotel , the DAS service will be loaded directly to your MagicBand along with your tickets.

Visually impaired visitors

Also for people with visual difficulties, Orlando parks offer different services so that they can fully enjoy the attractions and special settings.


Guides are available at Universal Orlando and Disney World parks with the dialogues of the attractions in Braille . They are requested at the Visitor Service/Guest Service offices.

Disney World parks  take advantage of their technology and once again make their portable Accessible Assistance System ( Disney ACCESS )  available This time selecting the Audio Description option. this team not only describes the attractions but also the settings around the entire park (see video).

Hearing Impaired Visitors

In most of the parks we will find different services that will help us to enjoy the different attractions and shows.


Sign Language: Many of the shows, especially in the Universal and SeaWorld parks, have interpreters who will translate the dialogues.


‼IMPORTANT In the United States, American Sign Language (ASL) is used, different from those used in other Anglo-Saxon-speaking countries.

On-screen captions: Depending on the attraction, different technologies are available. The most used are Video Captioning, Close Caption or Reflection Captioning.

In any case, it is necessary to inform the park staff so that they can place you in preferential seats where they can take advantage of these subtitles, and remember that they are in English. So again we send him to study!!!

Portable equipment:  At Disney World, the Disney ACCESS System also works to obtain closed captioning or as hearing assistance by amplifying the audio (Handheld captioning-Assistive listening). These teams connect automatically when entering an attraction and will detail the dialogues and ambient sounds. ‼Remember Subtitles are always in English

The equipment is delivered free of charge. Only security deposit is required.

Attraction Listings at Disney World

Visitors with Sensory Disorders

This is perhaps where we should pay more attention and care to organize our visit to the parks.

Depending on the disorder that the visitor suffers, it will be what we must avoid so that he suffers stress, anxiety or dies of fear in an attraction or shows.

Each case is completely different and here it is the family who knows us best and will know where not to get on or what can affect us or make us more sensitive.

To help you in your organization and choice of attractions, we have attached detailed guides to the main parks where the elements that can disturb the visitor the most are shown. Smells, movements, lights, types of seat belts and finally the duration of each attraction.

Visitors with motor disabilities

Orlando’s parks have an incredible number of attractions, shows and shows. Fortunately, many of them are accessible in different ways, depending on the ability to move that the visitor has.

If the visitor can walk short distances or get up from their wheelchair, then they will have almost no limits to enjoy everything that the parks offer them.

In references to Shows and shows:

All offer preferred seating and easy access for wheelchairs/ECVs/Scooters. Obviously with seats available for family and friends who accompany you.

These spots are LIMITED and are filled on a first come first serve basis.

For this reason, especially if you are going to travel in mid/high season, it is highly recommended to arrive a few minutes in advance at each theater or sector where the presentation is held.

Which attractions you can enjoy will depend above all on whether the person has a motor disability. The greater the mobility of the visitor, the greater the list of accessible attractions.

Attraction Accessible directly in wheelchair or ECV

Thanks Melissa Knight rollingwiththemagicblog.com

Accessible attraction with wheelchair/ECV transfer to vehicle.

Thanks Melissa Knight rollingwiththemagicblog.com

List of Attractions at Disney World

Rent a Scooter / ECV (Electric Convenience Vehicle)

It is very easy and cheap to rent these vehicles in Orlando.

They are ideal, not only for people with reduced mobility, but also for the elderly and even for a help cart if you go with many small children and bags.

In the Disney and Universal parks they can be rented at the entrance of each park.

These ECV/scooters are withdrawn and returned on the day, when leaving the park (they cannot be taken to the hotel even if you stay at a hotel in the park).

It costs approx. usd 20 x day and less if you make weekly rentals.

If your stay is longer, there are several companies that rent these vehicles, taking and withdrawing directly to your hotel and a little cheaper.

Search the internet, there are many options.

There are even portable vehicles that are very easy to disassemble and fit in the trunk of a midsize car, without having to rent a minivan.