An adventure for the whole family is possible!

There are few cities as complete and prepared as this one to receive all your friends (regardless of their needs).

  • The Hotels offer special rooms for guests with motor, hearing or visual difficulties for their greater comfort and safety.

  • Amusement parks, shopping and leisure centers have priority access and preferential parking.

  • Most of the attractions and shows are prepared for wheelchair access and offer systems for hearing and visual assistance.

  • Many of the restaurants have special menus for different allergies, celiacs, diabetics, vegetarians and other options. And there are many other things that will make it possible to carry out the dream of visiting THE HAPPIEST PLACE IN THE WORLD !

The trip by plane

First step of this adventure, and in general the one that causes the most stress and fear.

But with a little organization and teamwork, anything is possible and we will achieve our goal

Accesible Lodging

Finding the home away from home, where all our needs are covered.

In this magical city there are accommodations for all budgets and tastes.

Special Diets

An important part of our vacations is to eat well, it does not mean that we do it in a  healthy way

The good thing is that in Orlando there are an incredible number of options for every need.

Sensory Disorders

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In Orlando our senses are in a state of excitement and we must avoid over stimulation.

Avoid stress caused by noise, lights, crowds, waiting and long lines.

To the Parks!

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The parks welcome people with disabilities with very special treatment, offering services and tools for every need.

There’s nothing stopping him from joining in on the Big Mouse magic!

Superhumans... YES, I can!

Dedicated to all those who show us, in simple daily life (without the need to run marathons) that despite the difficulties and barriers, you can continue in search of your goals and dreams.

A bit complicated, YES...
but it will be Unforgettable!